About Us

From Our Fields to Your Well-being

There are undeniable forces of nature that can transcend even the most powerful efforts of man. It is perhaps with the blessing of this natural design that the North Carolina General Assembly, in 2015 and 2016, passed legislation allowing industrial hemp to once again be grown in the state after nearly 80 years of federal prohibition. This landmark moment in our state’s agricultural history was greeted with a bounty of goodwill. Like the population of the Kingdom itself, people with skills from every background celebrated their shared vision of legalized hemp now brought to life.

Today, our Kingdom Harvest family encompasses farmers, botanical extractors, marketers and local retailers. Working in harmony, they achieve a true seed-to-sale synergy unique to this industry. From planting through extraction and sales, every aspect of our operation is under careful control and oversight. While some companies track their products back only to a lab result, Kingdom Harvest takes traceability deeper. Through a constant exchange of information and ongoing tracking, Kingdom Harvest can trace a product back to the actual plants and sections of field where they were grown. We can even identify the actual genetics and seeds of the original plants. What’s more, we don’t stop with traceability.

With the support of our community, we responsibly cultivate our crop at the Kingdom of the Happy Land in the Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina. We start with only the highest-quality strains of industrial hemp. Then, our minimally invasive planting methods combine with the Kingdom’s natural approach to agriculture, free of pesticides or herbicides, to both protect the environment and help deliver some of the highest-quality hemp on Earth.

Further, we use ProVerde Laboratories, a leading accredited hemp and cannabis testing lab, to implement independent quality control on our crops and test our finished products to verify each is nothing less than the premium, potent quality you expect from Kingdom Harvest.

This level of uncompromised commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction is how we confidently promise that the products of Kingdom Harvest are lovingly hand-cultivated from our fields to your well-being.