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Whole Hemp Plant held by farmer

Introducing Organic, Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract

Blend of Multiple Hemp Extracts Unlike Any Other on the Market At Kingdom Harvest, our fully organic hemp plants are hand raised in natural sunlight, free from artificial chemicals and pesticides, in the Kingdom of the Happy Land—an agricultural oasis in the Appalachian Mountains. Our farmland is located at an optimal altitude, allowing for moderate temperatures and rich, fertile soil...
Hemp Leaves

Challenge Accepted

One of the greatest challenges to the hemp industry this year has been confusion created by various government agencies and their asserted control over hemp and the extracts thereof.  With the passing of the Federal Farm Bill in 2014, specifically section 7606, the hemp industry was authorized to begin growing hemp under state-managed research projects and to begin manufacturing products...
Legal Hemp and CBD in North Carolina

Legal Journal Touts Benefits of CBD

In the Summer 2017 edition of the Journal of Animal and Environmental Law from the Louis D. Brandeis School or Law at the University of Louisville, Jonathan S. Miller and Nolan M. Jackson discuss the history and documented benefits of CBD as well as the rich legal history of the cannabis plant. While the federal lines aren’t always very clear,...