How Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking?

How Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking?

If you tell a stoner that a little green stuff can help you quit smoking, they may just give you a few swear words. But you might be surprised to know that the cousin of green marijuana, CBD, can help you quit smoking tobacco. According to CDC statistics, an estimated 14% of Americans, that is, 34.3 million people over the age of 18, smoke cigarettes. You can beat the nicotine game with CBD and high quality CBD products.

In this post, we will look at how CBD helps you to quit smoking, why CBD cigarettes are a better alternative to tobacco cigarettes, and how you can replace CBD cigarettes.

Understand how CBD helps you quit smoking

To understand how CBD helps you quit smoking, you need to understand what other methods of quitting smoking do. Cigarettes contain tobacco and tobacco contains nicotine, which is an addictive chemical. Products to help you quit smoking try to provide the nicotine via an alternative method, from nicotine patches, gums and capsules, but they, in turn, become an addiction. Thus, these methods do not actually work.

On the other hand, what CBD does is provide a strong alternative to the nicotine the body really likes. Because the body has CBD receptors that combine with CBD’s cannabidiols, it releases a multitude of chemicals that help to relieve stress and pain, settle cravings, trigger bliss and do wonderful things to the body. Thus, your body forgets the nicotine.

Now, the thing is, you have to decide on the method of consuming CBD. If you are a long-time smoker, start with CBD cigarettes and then switch to CBD vape pens. One day you could quit smoking completely as you can consume CBD from edibles as well.

In a study on smokers who want to quit, each smoker was given an inhaler with either CBD or a placebo vaping CBD cartridge. The participants used the inhalers when they felt the urge to smoke. Over the course of a week, the CBD group was shown to reduce the number of cigarettes they consumed by about 40%, while the placebo group witnessed no reduction in the number of cigarettes smoked. 

Why are CBD cigarettes a better alternative to tobacco cigarettes?

The answer lies in the main component. CBD is obtained from the cannabis plant and tobacco comes from the tobacco plant. Nicotine is the main component of tobacco.

Now, CBD has a vast range of medical benefits but nicotine is harmful to health. From cancer to heart disease, stroke, lung disease, diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), nicotine harms your system in every possible way. That’s why smoking tobacco is the largest preventable cause of death and disease in America.

On the other hand, CBD cigarettes are therapeutic. From stress relief to treating chronic pain and improving sleep, it has a myriad of benefits. 

How can you replace CBD cigarettes?

If you have had enough of the tobacco game and are planning to quit CBD cigarettes and vapes, you can switch to CBD edibles and eventually end up smoking altogether.

There are a variety of high quality CBD products available in the market that you can buy online from CBD retail stores.

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