Knowing and being comfortable with various ingestion methods is key to helping customers reach their desired outcome from the plant. Although a sublingual oil has been proven to be the most consistent and effective way to deliver cannabinoids into your system, there are pros and cons to every method of ingestion. Knowing these methods and applying them to specific products will help the retail process become smooth, easy, and fun for both you and your customers. Ingestion Method Specific Benefits.


● Direct/Spot-specific effects - CBD topicals can be applied right to problematic areas, allowing a spot specific or direct interaction with the muscle groups, joints, or areas seeking relief.

● Large bioavailability - our skin is our largest bioavailable organ; products like lotion and bath bombs can have higher absorption rates simply because of the surface area in which it can be absorbed.

● Skin conditions - CBD topicals are hands down the best method for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, acne, and more.

Onset: within 5-15 minutes
Duration: depending on amount used, between 2-4 hours


● Longer activation time - edible CBD is digested slower than other forms of ingestion and can last 2-4 hours longer than inhalation.

● Less harsh on lungs - edible CBD does not require any inhalation and therefore can be easier on those with sensitive lungs.

● Allows for greater plant synergy - CBD when added to other herbs and foods can allow for higher and longer lasting absorption rates.

● Discreteness - edible CBD can often be more discreet than other ingestion methods, great for those who require privacy when using CBD.

Onset: within 30-60 minutes 
Duration: depending on amount used, between 2-5 hours

Flower (inhalation/combustion)

● Quickest way of absorption - Inhalation is arguably the fastest way to get CBD into the body. This also means its effects will be the shortest.

● Entourage effect - inhaling/combusting flower takes advantage of what we call the entourage effect: using multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and Phyto cannabinoids provides more benefit to the body than inhaling CBD alone. This is because naturally, cannabis grows with 100’s of different compounds on it, as opposed to isolating CBD in particular.

● Habitual pleaser - smoking can be habitual for many. CBD flower can help you quit or cut down on other forms of smoking like THC, nicotine, or tobacco consumption due to the actual act of being able to smoke.

Onset: within 1-2 minutes
Duration: 30 minutes - 2 hours


● Quick absorption - besides inhalation, tinctures are the fastest way to get cannabinoids into the bloodstream and users typically feel effects within 10 minutes of taking.

● Accurate dosing - CBD tinctures often are measured in mL, giving users a very accurate way of dosing for their needs. Because cannabinoids affect everyone differently, it’s easier with tinctures to measure a dose, see what works for you, and repeat.

● Great for pets - treats and CBD food can be missed by pets, toyed with, and not consumed properly. Tinctures allow you to dose your pet accurately and with assurance that a full dose is given.

Onset: within 5-15 minutes
Duration: 5-12 hours.