What Makes Delta-8 Gummies so Popular?

What Makes Delta-8 Gummies so Popular?

Whether it’s a food product or in liquefied form, Delta 8 THC products have a variety of uses. Be it Delta 8 gummy or syrup, these by-products hit a person differently than a marijuana joint. These edibles come as candies, drinks, desserts or sweets (beef jerky is adorable!) and their effects will be persistently blow your mind.

A Delta 8 product is comprised of distinct amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). For example, a Delta 8 pre-roll, available at Kingdom Harvest, might have a shorter effect than a gummy, which makes you high on another level. However, this means you must be informed about the amount of THC you are taking versus smoking it as a joint.

This blog will explain using a Delta 8 gummy and its estimated timeframe to help you out.

Breaking Down Consuming Delta 8 Edibles

Here is the chronology of what to expect when you consume a Delta 8 gummy. A side note: this timeline might vary based on factors including tolerance level and dosage.

  • Twenty minutes: in general, people should not expect things within the first 20-30 minutes. There is a solid reason behind this! Your body might be in the beginning phase of metabolism and during this time, a hemp-derived product has different effects. However, you might feel the buzz if you have a faster metabolism.
  • Fifty minutes: 50-60 minutes is the time when everyone who has consumed our product start to feel the onset effects of a Delta 8 gummy. You will definitely begin to experience an elated, delighted high during this time.

This is also the phase when people start thinking that a Delta 8 THC product isn’t effective. But don’t! Give it some more time before you start thinking about taking more. Everyone has a different capacity and time for getting high from our products.

  • Eighty minutes or more: your body will have fully metabolized at this point and is ready to feel the ultimate buzz. Moreover, you will eventually know how much more you need or don’t need during this phase. Even if you fortuitously took more, our experts can help you with ways to bring your high down.

As our Delta 8 gummies are highly concentrated, consult our specialists if you want to take more, or you might end up having a scarring experience.

Effects of our Delta 8 gummies

As we have already mentioned in the timeline of Delta 8 gummies, you probably wonder what they feel like. There are two possible effects – binge munching and sleep.

  • The munching –whenever you take any type of THC product, expect to have a month-long hunger in your stomach. But honestly, this hunger is not based on the type of product you are consuming, such as smoking, ingesting or vaping. You will feel like eating a horse whenever you consume a Delta 8 product. As these products take some time to kick in, have a backup plan.
  • To rock to sleep – interestingly, a Delta 8 compound can make you sleep like a baby but the effect depends on the reason why you are taking them. Our products have an excellent effect on the mind and body’s natural rhythms. In addition, the CBD compound included in the edible induces a calming effect, making it easier for anyone to fall asleep.


Candidly, the expectations from our Delta 8 gummy depend upon a few factors, such as age, weight, and the dosage consumed. Don’t forget the time frame mentioned above when you begin to have the onset of effects. 

Delta 8 is an ‘Indica Weed’ and eventually, you will experience a munching and sleeping effect from consuming it, providing you with a relaxing effect.