Challenge Accepted

Hemp Leaves

One of the greatest challenges to the hemp industry this year has been confusion created by various government agencies and their asserted control over hemp and the extracts thereof.  With the passing of the Federal Farm Bill in 2014, specifically section 7606, the hemp industry was authorized to begin growing hemp under state-managed research projects and to begin manufacturing products from the plant.  While this legislation cleared the path for the growth of hemp and the products we see on the market today, it hasn’t been as clear of a path as our legislators anticipated.

Agencies such as the DEA continue to maintain that compounds extracted from hemp are within their purview.  While local law enforcement in many states remained uninformed about the hemp industry and the products manufactured as well.  So we have seen a period of great triumph and trials for burgeoning the hemp industry as it emerges as a result of the federal farm bill.

With new legislation (SB 2667 & HB5485) introduced by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Senator Ron Wyden (D-CO) and supported by an array of bi-partisan members of the US House and Senate, hemp will be formally cleared for full-scale production nationally. This is great news for America’s farmers, businesses and citizens, and major step forward in expanding our freedom.  While everyone in the Kingdom Harvest family remains steadfast in our support of hemp, our elected officials need to hear from their constituency.  Please consider taking a minute out of your day to have your voice heard.  Click the link below and your representatives will be made aware of your support for these important pieces of legislation.


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