Introducing Organic, Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract

Whole Spectrum Hemp Extract explanation

At Kingdom Harvest, our fully organic hemp plants are hand raised in natural sunlight, free from artificial chemicals and pesticides, in the Kingdom of the Happy Land—an agricultural oasis in the Appalachian Mountains. Our farmland is located at an optimal altitude, allowing for moderate temperatures and rich, fertile soil that promotes robust growing conditions unlike any other place on earth. All of these attributes combined create a CBD oil that is free from harmful chemicals and help deliver the most effective relief from a number of ailments that people face.

Who Is Kingdom Harvest

The Kingdom Harvest family includes farmers, chemists, botanical extractors and knowledgeable marketers focused on a seed-to-sale philosophy, which uniquely positions us as a leader in the emerging industry. We pride ourselves on the quality of our CBD products, from planting to the extraction and sales, as well as customer satisfaction.


In fact, all Kingdom Harvest hemp extracts are tested by an independent, third-party laboratory for potency, purity and safety. Moreover, a traceability program allows us to track each batch number, correlating the product all the way back to a hemp plant from a specific section in the Kingdom of the Happy Land. We know hemp and we stand behind our CBD oil products.

This is the Kingdom Harvest way of growing the Earth’s finest hemp and delivering it to our customers in the purest form possible. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us questions by calling 825-365-8409 or filling out our contact form on our website. We’d love to hear from you.

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