Legal Journal Touts Benefits of CBD

In the Summer 2017 edition of the Journal of Animal and Environmental Law from the Louis D. Brandeis School or Law at the University of Louisville, Jonathan S. Miller and Nolan M. Jackson discuss the history and documented benefits of CBD as well as the rich legal history of the cannabis plant. While the federal lines aren’t always very clear, state to state laws are often very exact in their interpretation. CBD is legal to be grown and sold in many states.

Miller and Nolan are also quick to note the differences between CBD and THC, and more notably, marijuana and hemp. While marijuana enjoys much of the spotlight from pop culture, the hemp plant has been quietly used in manufactured good and other household items for centuries. The use of CBD as a treatment for some medical conditions isn’t a new idea either. Since the founding of our nation, our forefathers used CBD to treat things line anxiety, chronic pain, depression and other conditions.

We encourage you to take a look at the thoughtful article published by Miller and Nolan to learn more about the documented history of CBD and see just how the legal landscape is shaping from reticence to acceptance.

Read the Full Article by Miller and Nolan Here

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