Organically Grown. Naturally Processed.

It Starts With the "Whole Plant™"

Nestled in a special place between north and south in the Carolina mountains of Appalachia is a land of uncommon bounty. Kissed by gentle winds sweeping through the rolling hills and blessed by moderate temperatures at just the right altitude, this is a land enriched by a combination of environmental conditions so rare that only a few places like it exist. It is a unique place where the soil remains perpetually fertile and all that grows here is simply better.

Discovered by emancipated slaves nearly two centuries ago as they fled their past, this land is a secluded reserve so difficult to find that it became more than a safe haven; it became a permanent home. A small community quickly grew, and the inhabitants named it the Kingdom of the Happy Land in reverence to the fruitful bounty the Earth here always provided.

Today, working in harmony with our farmers, botanical extractors, distributors, and retailers; we achieve a true seed-to-sale synergy unique to our industry. Every aspect of our operation is under careful control and oversight; from planting, harvesting, extraction, and production, we carefully and meticulously track and trace our products back to the actual plants and fields where they were grown.

We’re working ahead of others in the field, in both our process and management. Whether it’s through our proactive efforts to extract and produce products in clean rooms following FDA requirements, or our independent testing to assure the quality and efficacy is consistent; we make sure the products you consume are the best available in the market.

Organically grown, naturally processed…the Earth's finest hemp extract.

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Organically Grown

Organically Grown

It all starts with the Whole Plant™ - full organic hemp plants hand-grown at the Kingdom of the Happy Land. Untouched and untainted by artificial chemicals or pesticides, each flower of these special sun-kissed hemp plants contains the greatest concentrated amounts of over 30+ natural cannabinoids (CBD) with valuable phytonutrients we can nurture from the whole plant™.

We focus on providing you the greatest benefits available from all-natural hemp plants preserving their raw qualities, using cold extract processing, otherwise lost or modified by the mass-scale practices of other manufacturers. Our carefully crafted, patent pending techniques and precisely monitored growing conditions assure delivery of a complete whole plant™ spectrum of unaltered terpenes, flavonoids, phytonutrients and cannabinoids. Our CBD oil from premium hemp extract processing is the best found in nature and the singular result of the near magical growing conditions that reside only at the Kingdom of the Happy Land.

We rely on nature, and our Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract is the product of something more advanced than today’s most sophisticated agricultural sciences. By unleashing the natural bounty of the Earth, we can produce an exceptionally potent extract.

Naturally Processed

Naturally Processed

Thanks to a number of proprietary organic cultivation processes, our flowers offer a unique profile of phytonutrients that contribute to exceptional potency. The result is a Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extracts providing the maximum benefits of the hemp plant. 100%, these hemp products should never be confused with extracts that are genetically modified or contain isolated, highly refined molecules. We offer only nature’s best.

You’ll also find plant-based natural ethanol extraction is a cornerstone of the production of our Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extracts. This method of removing ethanol through the natural processes of sugar fermentation has a centuries-old history in pharmacology. It is also widely used in herbal preparations for its ability to extract a broad array of compounds from plant materials.

In a final earth-friendly step, the ethanol is removed and recovered to be used again. The extracts are then blended into our final products, which are tested by an independent third-party laboratory for potency, purity and safety. All of which is tracked for each batch we craft and available for review upon request. Start to finish, nature and natural processes drive every element of what we do at Kingdom Harvest.

Whole Spectrum Benefits

Whole Spectrum Benefits

Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract is the combination of multiple extracts from the industrial hemp plant, each minimally refined and each providing a substantially different fraction of the phytonutrients found within the plant.

To make our Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract, we start with the whole hemp flower grown at the Kingdom of the Happy Land. The flower of the hemp plant contains the greatest concentration of naturally occurring cannabinoids and other valuable phytonutrients. We take the flower through different processes, producing multiple extracts, each with their own unique qualities.

Each extract is a “full-spectrum” extract, meaning it contains a broad array of the naturally occurring compounds from the plant, not a highly refined fraction or isolated molecule. We carefully select the conditions of each process to bring out a different spectrum of compounds from the plant and then combine those extracts in specific formulations for each of our final products. We developed our process to provide the greatest potential benefit from the plant while preserving raw qualities of the plant that are easily modified or lost entirely.

We use ethanol, the alcohol found in beer, wine and spirits, to make our extracts for our Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract. Ethanol is plant-based, made through the natural process of fermentation of sugars. Ethanol has a rich history in herbal preparations stemming from its powerful ability to extract a broad array of compounds from plant materials. Using gentle heat and vacuum, the ethanol is removed from our extracts and recovered to be used again. Our extracts are blended into our final products, standardized on total naturally occurring cannabinoid content. We test our products at multiple stages within our process using ProVerde Laboratories (an independent, third-party laboratory) for potency, purity and safety.