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The Kingdom
of the Happy Land

Nestled in a special place between north and south in the Carolina mountains of Appalachia, there lives a land of uncommon bounty. Kissed by gentle winds sweeping through the rolling hills and blessed by moderate temperatures at just the right altitude, this is a land enriched by a combination of environmental conditions so rare that only a few places like it exist. It is a unique place where the soil remains perpetually fertile and all that grows here is simply better.

Discovered by emancipated slaves nearly two centuries ago as they fled their past, this land is a secluded reserve so difficult to find that it became more than a safe haven.  It became a permanent home. A small community quickly grew, and the inhabitants named it the Kingdom of the Happy Land in reverence to the fruitful bounty the Earth here provides.

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For those who came here to live free in this agricultural oasis, everything that was planted grew in abundance. Food was never a concern, and their ability to produce much more than they needed fueled a vital trade relationship with the local township. As time passed, they began to produce and sell a special herbal liniment that was a popular local treatment for muscle and joint pain.

Image Credit: “Kingdom of the Happy Land” map taken from Sadie Smathers Patton’s 18-page pamphlet, “The Kingdom of the Happy Land”, published in 1957.

Organically grown on a secluded mountaintop outside of

Asheville, NC

Today, this land of plenty has remained undisturbed and is home to the hemp grown for Kingdom Harvest’s products. It is a special land, a “happy land,” where the most pure and potent hemp grows vigorously, naturally and purposefully.

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