Kingdom Harvest is dedicated to bringing organic wellness to the world by supply a variety of our Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract™ and CBD Oil products, all that are made from Premium Organic Hemp Flower grown on our farm, processed by our lab, and manufactured all in-house so that we can guarantee that every product meets our high standards.

During recent events in the world people have noticed that a need for a more independent earning structure is need to guarantee the financial support that they need in life. This is where we have decided to step up and offer an opportunity to like minded individuals who are looking to gain the freedom and independence of owning a small business in the growing market of the Hemp Industry.

This is your chance to partner up and form an Alliance with one of the worlds leading suppliers of Premium Hemp Derived Products which includes the original Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract™ and CBD Oil.

This is not a franchise model meaning there are no hidden fees, we are simply here to help you start your own business that is backed by a solid name in the Hemp & CBD industry. We will work with you to educate, train, and mentor your growing Hemp & CBD business. Here at Kingdom Harvest, we want you to grow and have a successful business.


Why to start a Hemp & CBD Alliance store with Kingdom Harvest?

· The HEMP & CBD Industry is Booming
· 2018 Hemp & CBD Sales in the U.S. $600 Million
· 2019 Hemp & CBD Sales in the U.S. $5 Billion
· 2023 Hemp & CBD Projected Sales are $24 Billion
· Start-Up investments as low as $10k depending on your area
· Minimal Staff Needed
· Small Footprint / Easy to manage
· High Profit Margins
· Proprietary Products by Kingdom Harvest
· Extensive Training Provided
· Specialized Marketing Strategies
· Territories Still Available
· Experienced Management Team
· Quick Start Up
· First Class Facility

If you are ready to form an Alliance and join one of the fastest growing markets in the U.S. to date. Then we encourage you to fill out the form below, gain your financial independence and become you own boss.