What makes Kingdom Harvest special?

By: Shelle Rogers, CEO

Our people

Today, working in harmony with our farmers, botanical extractors, distributors, and retailers; we achieve a true seed-to-sale synergy unique to our industry.

Our process 

Kingdom Harvest rises above the fray and focuses on the utilization of the aggregate of compounds inherently in the plant…or the “Whole Spectrum”. 

Our revolutionary patent pending dual extraction process allows us to bring you the world's first Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract ™.

We’ve taken a more proactive and progressive approach in creating our extracts; recognizing CBD as an isolate will most likely be regarded by the FDA as a pharmaceutical, therefore not added to products intended for human consumption. 

our process

Our products 

We’re proud to serve and bring you the development of what we feel are healthier and more beneficial extracts. Organically grown, naturally processed, Naturally Better ™.

Explore our collection of products available for all your health, wellness and self care needs. 

Our promise

Kingdom Harvest prides itself on the quality of its seed-to-sale process including education, hemp advocacy, and its first class customer service satisfaction. 

Closer to nature, the earth's finest hemp extract, Kingdom Harvest.