What makes Kingdom Harvest special?

By: Shelle Rogers, CEO



Understanding the basics 

Full Spectrum, Isolate, Whole Spectrum, Hemp Seed Oil, CBD oil, what do they actually mean? In the CBD and Hemp world, there is a virtual marketing maze afoot and each company claims that their hemp oil is the best. Words mean a great deal in this new industry and they are often used as if the reader actually knows what they mean. This article is designed to walk you through the language and give you a base of understanding as to why Whole Spectrum hemp extract is the best extracted CBD oil in this vast market.


Since 2014 the hemp industry has been on fire. Companies have scrambled to put products into the market place and CBD signs are everywhere. There seems to be no dispute that CBD has benefits. But are you actually getting all of the benefits the hemp plant has to offer?


Hemp has been around for centuries and has been used for anything from rope to tea to tinctures (oil)... but what is hemp? Too often it’s confused with marijuana and the reason is simple. Both plants come from the same plant family, cannabis. The hemp plant contains a greater CBD concentrate (cannabidiol) while its cousin, marijuana, contains a higher concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the component that makes you high. In 2014 the Farm Bill paved the way for the legalization of both the growth and processing of hemp.


Extraction methods and CBD options

Making actual CBD oil from hemp is a process known as extraction. Do not confuse hemp seed oil or hemp oil with actual CBD extracted oil. There is a huge difference. Hemp seed oil (aka hemp oil) is derived by pressing actual hemp seeds and gathering the oil. CBD extracted oil is the process of pulling out CBD from the actual flower of the plant. Quality hemp seed oil contains beneficial nutrients such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which naturally aid in digestion. CBD extracted oil contains much more; however, getting that CBD oil from the actual flower is key to enjoying all this wonderful plant has to offer.


One of the words used in the industry is decarboxylation, a big word for heat. Processors, the ones who actually take the CBD from the flower, have to heat the actual flower in order to release the CBD so they can capture it for their extracted oils. One may often hear the term “isolate” or find a product which boasts an extremely potent content of CBD. Isolate means that the processing lab focused its extraction of the flower directly on the CBD component thus leaving behind the other beneficial nutrients of the actual plant. This type of process would be equivalent to just pulling the juice out of an apple and leaving behind the valuable fiber and other components of the fruit. One should strongly question whether or not an isolation technique of extraction actually provides the complete level of benefit sought. It is based upon these concerns that processors embarked on the concept of a full spectrum approach to extraction.


The term “full spectrum hemp extract” means that the processor utilized a heating method to pull CBD from the flower but it also means there is a spectrum of components that are also extracted. The word spectrum is often used in connection with a rainbow. Within the rainbow are a group of colors all of which contribute to the actual rainbow. Similarly, within the hemp flower, one can find a large number of “phytonutrients” yet another big word that simply means substances found within plants that are believed to be beneficial to human health. So a safe definition of full-spectrum hemp oil is an extracted oil from the hemp flower which contains both CBD and other plant nutrients and is obtained through a process of heat. But is this the best extraction process? Does the heat actually burn away other nutrients? And how does one maintain the integrity of the benefits found in the hemp flower?


What is Whole Spectrum CBD hemp extract?

Whole Spectrum CBD extract is far different from Full Spectrum. In the Whole Spectrum process there are two methods of extraction; one utilizes heat and the other utilizes a cold press method. Heat naturally breaks down various forms of matter, especially a plant, and while some of the nutrients remain, some are simply destroyed. Because of this loss of nutritional value, Whole Spectrum Extraction, was created.  In addition to standard heat extraction, processors take additional flower and utilize cold to extract nutrients. So a Whole Spectrum Extract process seeks to extract not only the valuable CBD from the flower but every other good component (spectrum) of the flower.


The Whole Spectrum Extract process takes the material pulled out by way of heat and cold and then puts them back together. There are approximately 480 phytonutrients (good components) which make up hemp flower. Whole Spectrum seeks to reunite these beneficial compounds after this dual method of extraction takes place. As such, the end result is that the consumer has the benefit of not only the CBD component of the spectrum but also a host of other valuable components of the flower. It is not an easy process and it literally takes twice the amount of flower, but the net result is simply a better,  pure natural CBD oil.  


In the ever-growing world of CBD/Hemp identification of products that have been extracted by way of the Whole Spectrum method is essential. This provides assurance to the consumer that the extracted product has been carefully crafted to afford maximum benefit. Know the difference between Hemp Seed Oil aka Hemp Oil and know the difference between Isolates and Full Spectrum products.


The Kingdom Harvest Difference


Kingdom Harvest pioneered the concept of Whole Spectrum CBD extraction primarily because at the inception of the Hemp Revival; Kingdom Harvest sought to provide consumers with the best the plant had to offer.


Our Farm

When researching suppliers, customers want to know where their products come from. Kingdom Farms is located in the Tuxedo township of Henderson County North Carolina. The nature, soil and atmosphere that surrounds the hemp farm is perfect for harvesting. Although the property is secluded away from spectators, it is inhabited by wild turkey, deer, black bear and a host of other woodland creatures. We are proud to have this Sanctuary of Harmony nestled in the mountains of North Carolina.


Our People

What differentiates Kingdom Harvest from the rest is our way of working in harmony to bring the best of the best for our community of users. We grow the flower, harvest the flower, and process the flower in order to maintain the integrity needed in the industry. We wouldn’t be the same farm and company without the people who work hard each day and truly believe in our mission. Kingdom Harvest has an outstanding team of farmers, botanical extractors, distributors, and retailers. Together, we achieve a true seed-to-sale synergy unique to our industry, as well as education, hemp advocacy, and first class customer service satisfaction. 


How we grow our hemp

Our farming techniques are natural and sustainable. The hemp seeds at our farm are always non-GMO. This means a product was produced without genetic engineering and its ingredients are not derived from genetically modified organisms. Our hemp is organic and naturally processed. Kingdom Harvest does not use any harmful or toxic chemicals. 

Pesticides wreak havoc on the environment, threatening biodiversity and weakening the natural systems upon which human survival depends, according to the Pesticide Action Network. We want to protect both the ecosystems and consumers’ wellness. At Kingdom Harvest, we never use herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. 

We want to have a minimal impact on the environment and protect our Earth. In order to produce the least amount of waste possible, we refrain from using plastic on our field. Our team works hard to find innovative solutions and uphold the best farming practices. 

Our process

To this day, Kingdom Harvest has not wavered from its process. In order to bring the highest quality to our customers, we examine, test and track our final products. We test all of our batches for cannabinoid potency, pesticides, microbials, mycotoxins, heavy metals, residual solvents, filth and foreign material, water activity, and more. Testing for all the appropriate factors within these products is called full panel testing. The best practice is to test the final product for a full panel of tests to ensure safety. When a new customer is exploring their options, company transparency is key. We want customers to know safety is a grand priority for Kingdom Harvest, so we offer customers with certificates upon request to see those test results that showcase our dedication to quality.


Serving customers’ unique wellness needs

When you look around the market for products that supposedly improve your health, you may be disappointed to find out harsh ingredients when you look at the label. When you make a conscious choice to improve your health and wellness, choosing natural, minimally processed products is very important. This holds true for the CBD market.


Spontaneous uneducated purchase decisions related to hemp oriented products have led many to question the actual benefits of the hemp flower. Don’t make that mistake; rather, research before you buy and we believe you will conclude, as we did, that Whole Spectrum CBD Extraction is the best method of providing you with the benefits contained within the spectrum which makes up the wonderful hemp plant.


People also tend to question CBD’s effectiveness because of errors in their own dosage. It may take an adjustment period before you find the right amount for you. We always advise our customers to start low and go slow as they try sublingual oils, for example. A person’s weight, physiology and It’s important to pay attention to how your body reacts and responds, and follow each product’s guide for increasing or decreasing the amount and frequency of dosage.


Guide to Whole Spectrum products 

Now that you understand the differences in definition among Full Spectrum, Isolate, Whole Spectrum, Hemp Seed Oil, and CBD oil; we rounded up a few of our favorite Kingdom Harvest products featuring 

Whole Spectrum Hemp Extract.


From the beginning to the end of growing and preparing Kingdom Harvest’s Whole Spectrum Hemp Extract, we focus on:

  • Upholding quality
  • Maintaining top standards in testing
  • Working with customers to meet their needs
  • Sustaining company transparency


Choosing the right product for you depends on your tastes, your lifestyle, your health ailments and needs. People turn to our products for various reasons including: sleeping problems, anxiety and depression and other health concerns. To view our full line of products, check out our CBD store.


CBD Oil 

Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract - 1500mg CBD

How to take it: We recommend a serving of 0.25 ml, twice daily, taken under the tongue, and held for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. 

Available in additional potencies and flavors.




Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract Gummies - 300mg 30 Pak

How to take it: Each gummy contains 10mg of Whole-Spectrum CBD, so there is no guesswork with dosing. Our CBD Gummies are made using our patent-pending Whole-Spectrum extraction process.

Available in additional strengths and flavors.



Pain relief salve


Whole-Spectrum Hemp CBD Warming Pain Salve - 1200mg

How to use it: Apply a thin layer to the affected, massaging until fully absorbed. It fights inflammation at the source. CBD topical effects can be felt within 15–20 minutes and can last for up to 6 hours.

More pain relief options


Stella's products

Stella’s Body Butter

How to use it: Our Organic body butter can be applied to your delicate skin when nourishment is needed, after a bath or throughout the day. It contains our natural organic Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract™ and Natural ingredients.

Navigating the CBD market

Whether you are a first-time buyer of CBD, or an avid user who is looking to make a switch to Whole Spectrum, we hope that this guide serves you with the information you need. We all want to make the best decisions when purchasing products and wish to find relief for various health problems. Our blog and guides dedicated to hemp education are designed to answer all your CBD questions.