Since Kingdom Harvest first appeared at Hinman Dental Meeting in early in March of 2019, we've worked with dental professionals to introduce our Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract™ to practices, staff, patients, across the country. Our mission is to supply exactly what Mother Nature intended in order to bring balance to your endocannabinoid system through hemp. We bring you the purest, most beneficial sublingual oils in the world. Using only Premium High Quality Organic Hemp grown on our farm along with Premium High Quality Organic Plant-Based Ethanol in our dual extraction process. We ensure all of the naturally-occurring cannabinoids and compounds present in the hemp flower are available for you and your Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

Kingdom Harvest is produced in the original herbalist tradition, which embraces that less is more. When the Whole-Spectrum of the Hemp plant is present, the Endocannabinoid System is activate in a way that can most often be recognized in the first 15-20 minutes. This is why we here at Kingdom Harvest are excited to be introducing our Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract & CBD Oil to the dental and medical industry.

Here is how we suggest utilizing Kingdom Harvest Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract in your dental practice to maximize profitability.

Supply each of your staff with a 1 month bottle of our Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract, this will allow your staff to experience the benefits for  themselves. This results in a relax and more centered staff that has a personal experience they can pass on to your patients that inquire.

Offer a 0.5mL serving of Kingdom Harvest Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract™ & CBD Oil to your patients as they come into your practice and allow 10-15 minutes to pass. This serving will relax your patients, reduces anxiety and reduces inflammation all before the dental procedure. This will allow your patient to have a relaxing experience at you practice and enjoy a faster recovery.

You can offer a 1 month bottle of Kingdom Harvest Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract™ and CBD Oil to your patients as they check our for $59. Our Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract™ provides everyday support that reduces anxiety, inflammation, and faster recovery from all dental procedures.

Our Dental Program Package comes with the following:

  • 24 x 15mL Bottles of Kingdom Harvest Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract & CBD Oil (12 Natural & 12 Peppermint)
  • 2 x 30mL Bottles of Kingdom Harvest Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract & CBD Oil
  • Medical Grade Pipette Dispenser w/ 150 Pipette Tips
  • Brochures & In-Practice Educational Materials