What is HHC and how does it work?

Following the wild success of Hemp Derived Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC and THCo as a legal  to the more controlled availability of Cannabis Derived delta 9 THC, the Hemp Industry has sought other less-known cannabinoids to compete in the diverse Euphoric marketplace. One of the newest and most promising is hexahydro cannabinol, usually shortened to HHC.

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Destigmatizing Mental Illness Treatment

Mental illness affects millions of people in the United States. According to recent statistics, almost 45 million people, one in five American adults experience mental illness each year. Children are affected as well, with about 13 percent of those between ages 8 to 15 experiencing a severe mental disorder at some point during their lives.

Despite these sobering statistics, mental health disorders often go unmet. In 2016, only 43 percent of adults with any type of mental illness received treatment, and fewer than 11 percent of adults with substance abuse disorders received treatment.

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How Does CBD Affect Your Libido, and Does It Have a Place in Your Sex Life?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in the cannabis plant. It doesn’t cause the “high” associated with marijuana use. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the compound in cannabis that induces that feeling. However, CBD may have other benefits for the body.

Because of this, manufacturers have isolated CBD and added it to many products, including those to help you in the bedroom. Purported benefits include boosting libido and increasing lubrication.

Is CBD only a buzzword or can it actually help your sex life? Read on to find out what research tells us so far.

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How to Reduce Occasional Anxiety And Stress?

If you’re a human living in the modern world, the odds are that you encounter occasional anxiety and stress. While these feelings are unpleasant, they are often unavoidable. The good news is this: there are many effective techniques to help us manage our stress and anxiety levels. Read on to learn how taking a CBD supplement can help you stay ahead of stress. 

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Can CBD Oil Improve My Immune System?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has made a big splash in the medical community in recent years. Though much remains to be discovered about how CBD oil interacts with various systems in the body, the results so far are promising. CBD oil works as an anti-inflammatory agent and sleep aid, and it can be helpful in managing stress and anxiety. These properties have prompted questions around whether pure CBD oil can help improve an individual’s immune system altogether. Read on to learn more about how the immune system works and how CBD oil can influence it.  

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Kingdom harvest was introduced to the dental community in 2018 via Amber Young Who is the spokes person for the Oral Cancer Cause. Since that original introduction we have had the privilege of being invited to be the first Hemp product showcased at the Hinman Dental Meeting in Atlanta since the early 1940’s. After that introduction into the dental industry we were featured in numerous articles from USA Today, Wallstreet Journal, and Dental Product Report just to name a few.

Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract & Delta 8 offers benefits to a number of unique issues that the dental industry faces.

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Knowing and being comfortable with various ingestion methods is key to helping customers reach their desired outcome from the plant. Although a sublingual oil has been proven to be the most consistent and effective way to deliver cannabinoids into your system, there are pros and cons to every method of ingestion. Knowing these methods and applying them to specific products will help the retail process become smooth, easy, and fun for both you and your customers. Ingestion Method Specific Benefits.

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Professional Athletes Finding Relief With CBD

More and more professional athletes are turning to hemp-derived CBD oil as a natural alternative to potentially addictive opioids for battling chronic pain. Professional athletes frequently suffer injuries, some of which are serious and can lead down a rabbit hole of severe pain to insomnia and mood disorders.

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CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil works with your body to restore homeostasis by working directly with the Endocannabinoid System. The Endocannabinoid System, named after the plant that led to its discovery, is perhaps the most important physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining human health.

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What Makes Delta-8 Gummies so Popular?

Whether it’s a food product or in liquefied form, Delta 8 THC products have a variety of uses. Be it Delta 8 gummy or syrup, these by-products hit a person differently than a marijuana joint. These edibles come as candies, drinks, desserts or sweets (beef jerky is adorable!) and their effects will be persistently blow your mind.

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