CBD Storage Matters More Than You Think!

CBD Storage Matters More Than You Think!

Did you know that cannabidiol (CBD) expires?  A lot of us tend to stock up on hemp-infused goods, especially when our favorite manufacturer is having a sale.  However, stocking up too much can result in a lot of unused, expired CBD that’s no longer capable of meeting your demands.  Besides the fact that CBD has an expiration date in general, it can also expire prematurely if it’s not properly stored.

Why is Proper CBD Storage Crucial for Your CBD Products?

Pure hemp extract lasts for about two years.  After that, the chemical compounds begin to destabilize due to the inevitable process of oxidization, which causes the compounds and even some ingredients to break down gradually.  Once those compounds and ingredients  have broken down, the cannabidiol loses its potency dramatically, which means that it’s basically useless, since it won’t do what you want.

CBD doesn’t go bad in the traditional sense.  There’s no evidence that cannabidiol that has expired is toxic.  However, expired CBD will still result in a waste of money, not to mention some decent disappointment.

That’s why storing your CBD properly is essential.  Your CBD needs to be stored in the right manner, or else its chemical compounds will break down rapidly, well before the expiration date passes in many cases.

When it comes to storing your CBD, room temperature is also ideal.  This is a temperature that can ensure that the compounds in hemp remain stable and potent, as it helps them remain as close to their natural form as possible.  This means that the standard temperature in your home is adequate.

But, keep in mind that not all CBD-based products are created equally.  For one thing, each CBD product has its own unique formula.  Meaning, certain products, such as edibles, may contain ingredients that’re perishable, and so they may require refrigeration.  Now, any good hemp brand is going to clearly label this information so that users can know that they have to put their product in the fridge.  Therefore, if you’re not sure, look at the product’s label thoroughly to know whether or not what you’ve purchased requires additional care in terms of storage.

Also, the rule of thumb when it comes to storing CBD is that a cool and dark place is the way to go.  Now, when we say cool, we don’t mean cold.  The room temperature is relatively cool, in fact.  We said earlier that cannabidiol hates extremes, such as bright lights or high temperatures.  A cool and dark place maintains a consistent climate that allows the chemical compounds in hemp to stay stable for as long as possible.

Fortunately, we all have plenty of cool and dark storage spaces in our homes.  Closets, drawers, cabinets and storage boxes all fit the criteria.  So, you should have no trouble finding the perfect place to keep your CBD products when they’re not in use.

Now, you do need to be aware of the fact that some CBD-based products are more chemically stable, and therefore resilient, than others.  One thing we know is that the way in which the cannabidiol was extracted can be a large determining factor:

  • CBD that was extracted via the CO2 method is far more capable of maintaining its stability despite subtle changes in its environment.
  • CBD that was extracted using a solvent method is more likely to break down easily and at a faster rate.

The Basics of Storing Your CBD Properly

Good news everyone, it’s easy to properly store your CBD, if you simply follow the tips below.

CBD Storage Tip #1: Cool and Dry Environments are Ideal

Again, CBD wants to be stored somewhere cool and dry.  This means ensuring that it’s at room temperature at all times, and away from humid areas.  For this reason, you shouldn’t store your CBD in the bathroom, where hot showers cause consistent levels of humidity.  Furthermore, you shouldn’t store your CBD in a kitchen cabinet or drawer that’s close to a stove, where the steam produced while cooking can interfere.  And, never store your CBD close to a heating vent.

CBD Storage Tip #2: Darkness is CBD’s Friend

CBD should also be stored in a dark place, because once again, light can speed up the oxidization process that can break down the chemical compounds.  A closet, drawer or cabinet is ideal, as these areas are always dark.  Never store your CBD next to a sunny window or under bright lights, or in an outdoor space.

CBD Storage Tip #3: Airtight Storage is Crucial

A great way to ensure that CBD goes bad prematurely is to leave it unsealed.  Airtight seals are imperative, because they prevent oxygen from seeping into the formula.  Once enough oxygen gets in there, the chemical compounds will break down at an alarmingly fast rate.  If you can, leave your CBD in its original packaging, assuming that the seal is still perfectly strong.  If you don’t have the original packaging for whatever reason, use Tupperware that has a perfect seal or an airtight bag which prevents oxygen from getting in.

CBD Storage Tip #4: Stay on Top of the Expiration Date

All CBD products should have an expiration date printed somewhere on the label.  The expiration date will reflect when the ingredients in the formula will no longer be effective.  Usually, it’s two years from the manufacturing date, but it may be sooner if there are perishable ingredients in the formula.  Make sure to organize your CBD usage in a way that ensures that you’re using the product that will expire the soonest first. 

That being said, we urge you not to overbuy a lot of CBD products all at the same time.  This will leave you with a lot of CBD that you have to work through before they all expire at once.  Only buy as much as you will likely use within the window before it expires.

Overall, Make Sure You Store Your CBD Properly as It’s Quite Easy to Do!

A lot of people are meticulous when it comes to choosing their CBD products.  They look for a high-quality product from a trusted brand and go to great lengths to ensure that they’ve selected the right type of hemp extract, the right milligram strength and the right delivery method for their unique needs.  And so, buying the right CBD product is only part of the equation when it comes to having a successful hemp routine that can be maintained daily.  So, once you’ve purchased your CBD products, it’s crucial that you store them properly.