Kingdom Harvest Private Label Program

Choose or Customize your Product
· Design and Development (Includes Graphic Design for Product)
· Private Label
· Website design and development
· Business and Sales Consulting

Kingdom Harvest Private Label Services

Production Capacity
· 40,000 products per month
· Finished products
· Topicals, Salves, Tablets, Edibles, bulk extracts in kilo sized allotments
· Fast turn around time (2-4 weeks depending on volume)
against anxiety, stress, pain, inflammation and has brought you peace of

Stock & Custom Formulas
· Stock of formulated core branded products
· Availability to R&D custom formulas
· Collaborative development across categories

Custom Services
· Design and Development including graphics for packaging
· Private Label
· Website Design and Developemnt
· Business and Sales Consulting

Quality Control
· Organic
· Vegan
· Non-GMO
· No Pesticide
· Third Party Testing
· Licensed Processor of Hemp Oil / CBD
· GMP and SOP