What We Do

Kingdom Harvest consultant services has served the cannabis and Hemp industry since 2014. We assist any cannabis facility type – from cultivation to provisioning centers. Our solutions extend into technology, cultivation consulting, and more. 

Kingdom Harvest consultant services is a collective of cannabis and hemp industry professionals. We cover a wide area of services designed to bring success to your cannabis business or idea. 

We are the most validated compliance professionals in the United States. 

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Our services encompass a “compliance first” approach. We take great pride in being able to service the cannabis industry with such detail. Please contact us directly if you would like to discuss your current project.



Getting your cannabis facility up to regulatory standards is not only hard work but, required to remain in good standing. Our compliance experts are here to assist you with your business efforts. 

Compliance is the heartbeat of any cannabis or hemp business. Every aspect of business must comply with local and statewide regulations. We offer a number of services to bring value to your business.


Kingdom Harvest Technology Consultants provide technology oversight for all cannabis facility types. We assist with the implementation of technology in grow rooms, retail dispensaries, and compliance systems. 

Our Information Technology services are engineered to be compliant at every turn. Grow Room Monitoring, Data Networks, Low Voltage, Phone Systems, Helpdesk Support, & More 

We are proud of Tyler Rogers who won grower of the year for the United States


Security Consultants are subject matter experts for all aspects of security. We provide Risk Assessment, Planning, Operation Procedures, Management, and Training for security aspects related to cannabis operations. 

Security Plans to Camera Surveillance, Kingdom Harvest can bring value to your cannabis or hemp operation. We bring years of security experience by way of the corporate infrastructure.


Our cultivation consulting experts are standing by to assist you with facility design, procedure development, garden troubleshooting, and equipment sourcing assistance for your cannabis cultivation facility.

Cannabis and hemp cultivation is a science and an art; it requires the proper combination of a number of variables to achieve the desired outcome. 

Designing a facility and implementing processes that are capable of efficiently producing high quality cannabis can be a challenge. The experts at Kingdom Harvest are here to help. With a compliance first approach, we can assist with all aspects of cannabis cultivation. 


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