CBD Oil for Sleep?

CBD Oil for Sleep?


While our Whole Spectrum Hemp Extract has a multitude of uses, the one thing most users can agree on is that it helps them sleep better. At Kingdom Harvest, we have a LOT of qualitative data (observed) related to how our Tinctures affect one's quality of sleep. All of our staff, their families, and friends take Kingdom Harvest on a daily basis. From their experiences and those of the THOUSANDS of happy customers that we talk to each month, better sleep is the first thing people experience when they begin taking Kingdom Harvest.*

One customer recently wrote in to tell us about her experience with the 1500 Max that she had just started taking. She started S.L.O, taking just .25mL in the morning and then again right before bed. This customer suffered from ‎Rheumatoid Arthritis and Insomnia. In her email, she told us that since adding our product to her daily regimen, she has not felt this good in YEARS.  While she is beginning to experience some relief from her Arthritis, she claimed that her insomnia has been 100% cured!  She even sent us a few screenshots from her FitBit app, and the results speak for themselves.

This got us wondering about other studies on the effects of CBD on sleep. What we found was overwhelming support for our hypothesis. One quantitive (measurable) study published in The Permanente Journal followed 72 adults that suffered from anxiety and insomnia over a period of several months. The researchers found that those taking CBD daily reported a 66% increase in their quality of sleep! And this is just ONE of the dozens of research-based studies that we found. 

So, if you, a family member or friend suffers from poor sleep, consider giving one of our Whole Spectrum Hemp Extracts a try. If you don't experience better sleep after the first week, return it for a full refund.