Understanding the Soothing and Beautiful World of CBD Topicals

Understanding the Soothing and Beautiful World of CBD Topicals

CBD topicals offer a one-of-a-kind way to explore the potential benefits found within the hemp plant, particularly from its star chemical compound, cannabidiol (CBD).  Topicals are totally different from other product types because they’re not taken internally, but rather, applied to the skin.  And, you don’t want to underestimate just how powerful that delivery method can be, as there’s a reason why so many people around the world swear by their daily applications of CBD topicals in order to find real, long-term relief.

What is a CBD Topical?

A CBD topical is essentially a CBD-infused formula that’s applied to the skin, rather than taken orally/internally.  Its job is to absorb through the top layer of the skin to reach bodily tissue below, infusing that area with cannabidiol to offer its benefits to localized areas of the body.  This is a product that can target specific “problem areas” for those dealing with, say, a sore shoulder, or inflammation of the skin. 

CBD topicals come in a wide variety of formulas with unique consistencies and ingredient selections.  There are also scented and unscented products as well, along with products that contain additional active ingredients – like cooling, numbing menthol in a lotion, or skin-benefiting ingredients found in CBD facial serums.

In general, the types of topicals that exist on the market include:

  • Creams
  • Body butters
  • Lotions
  • Balms
  • Salves
  • Gels
  • Adhesive patches
  • Massage oils
  • Bath bombs
  • Serums
  • Moisturizers
  • Cleansers
  • Face masks

What Happens When You Use a CBD Topical?

CBD topicals absorb transdermally – in other words, through the surface of the skin – to permeate the tissue below.  CBD topicals are capable of absorbing into the skin’s layers, as well as the deep tissue, which is the tissue of the muscles and joints, to offer active doses of CBD to these areas.  The main benefit of CBD topicals is that it can provide relief from physical discomfort, through its powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.  This is proven to be viable when applied topically, through numerous studies that have shown just how effective topicals can be at addressing localized pain.

Another thing that CBD topicals can do is offer relief from skin issues – particularly those that are inflammatory, like eczema, psoriasis, etc.  Studies have shown that CBD can be super effective at alleviating inflammatory skin symptoms, as well as easing other skin-related issues like acne (through its sebostatic properties, which regulate sebum production), and even age-related issues through its antioxidants.

Applying CBD directly to the skin doesn’t have any known side effects, and the effects can kick in quickly – 15 minutes or less, all while lasting for 6 hours or so, so that one application can get you through a large portion of the day or night.

One thing to keep note of is that CBD topicals will only really work within the area of application.  In other words, don’t expect effects related to mood, sleep, or other processes of the body, as the cannabinoid isn’t crossing the blood brain barrier when applied to a specific area of the skin.

What are the Two Types of CBD Topicals Available in the Hemp Marketplace?

You will generally encounter two categories of CBD topicals on the market, each with certain sub-categories of topical solutions that can do wonders for you.

Category #1: CBD Topicals for the Body

CBD topicals made for the body, i.e., lotions, body butters, body creams, salves, and massage oils, are usually meant more for pain relief.  They can be spread over large areas of the muscles.  Not to mention, infuse the muscles with the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of cannabidiol.  CBD topicals made for the body could also provide relief from inflammatory skin conditions since these properties impact the skin as well.

Category #2: CBD Skincare

CBD skincare products are products intended for the facial skin, and so, will be advertised accordingly.  They’re meant more for offering properties that improve skin condition, like relief from skin irritation and inflammation, anti-aging benefits, and anti-acne benefits.  CBD skincare products contain formulas that are friendlier to the sensitive skin of the face, as some CBD body products can clog the pores or irritate our facial skin.

Just How Effective Then are CBD Topicals?

CBD topicals work brilliantly thanks to their relationship with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS).  As a cannabinoid, cannabidiol attaches to cannabinoid receptors (CB receptors) in the tissue of the skin, muscles, and joints.  This process enables these cannabinoid receptors to regulate processes like inflammation, sebum production, and pain response via the nervous system’s nerve endings that receive painful stimuli. 

Besides that, CBD works cumulatively, even in topical form.  That means that CBD-infused topicals can be more effective if applied daily, and luckily, they can be applied however many times are needed within 24-hours due to the lack of side effects.

What Should You Look for in a CBD Topical?

Now, we can cover how to select the best CBD topical for your needs.  Here are the things that we encourage you to look for when shopping for a topical product, as there are all kinds of options available on today’s market.  However, before doing so, please speak with your physician/doctor, or even a skincare professional first.  This is especially the case if you’re currently using a specific skin medication prescribed by your doctor, let’s say for eczema, as you want to ensure that it’s okay to use that said CBD topical, either for relief or other skincare purposes while still using that skin medication.

The Right Milligram Strength

First off, you really need to pay attention to the milligram strength.  How come?  Well, since CBD topicals come in a wide variety of milligram strengths, this helps to identify how potent the formula is in terms of its concentration of CBD-rich hemp extract.  Try searching for a product that contains at least 30mg per fluid ounce, as less than that may not give you noticeable results.

Top-Quality Ingredients

Never buy a CBD-based product without looking at its ingredients.  It’s recommended to go with a topical that contains as many natural and gentle ingredients as possible, avoiding harsh chemical preservatives and fragrances that can be irritating, and potentially cause issues with the endocrine system when applied too frequently.

Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract

We recommend going with whole-spectrum hemp extract – a unique type of hemp extract made through a combination of heat-based CO2 extraction and cold-pressing.  This provides the true full spectrum of the plant’s beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and nutrients, to give you the full extent of positive effects for which you can derive from a hemp product.

Lab Reports

Never buy a CBD product without going over third-party lab reports available through the brand’s website.  These reports demonstrate just how pure, safe, potent, and legally compliant a product is, as they come from an unbiased, state-licensed testing facility.

Positive Reviews

Always check reviews before buying, to be sure you’re getting a product that other customers have found works for them.  Also, avoid any product or brand that has a lot of bad reviews attached to their name.

A Formula That Makes Sense for You

Of course, you should make sure to buy a formula that works for your specific preferences and needs.  That means, specifically avoiding ingredients that irritate your skin, and choosing a scent (or unscented) product that appeals to you.

How to Use CBD Topicals to Maximize Their Benefits

Once you do get your hands on a CBD topical that checks all of the boxes above, you’ll want to make a point to use it to its fullest advantage.  Here are three quick tips to doing so.

  1. Use Enough Product: You can’t overdose on CBD topicals, so don’t skimp! Make sure to cover the area of your body with a solid enough layer of the product for it to really work its magic.
  2. Be Consistent: Again, we encourage you to be consistent, because CBD works cumulatively. Rather than applying a topical sporadically, only when you feel that you really need it, try seeing what happens when you apply it at least once a day.  And, again, you can use the same product more than once a day if you feel that it would benefit you.
  3. Take it with Another CBD Product: Try adding another CBD product into the mix – one that’s taken orally – to get even more benefits out of your routine. While the topical works on localized issues, the other product can deliver more widespread relief, and ease things like stress that may exacerbate ongoing localized issues like tight shoulders, etc.

Time to Give CBD Topicals a Try!

CBD topicals are a great addition to anyone’s daily routine, especially if you’re dealing with skin issues or localized discomfort in the body.  They can truly do wonders in terms of offering relief, in a targeted way that can be a major gamechanger. 

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