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Our double strength hemp extract.  Each 30mL bottle contains 600mg of CBD, plus EVERY other cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid!

Every cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid? Yep. We are able to offer the most complete hemp extract on the planet thanks to our patent-pending dual extraction process. We start with fresh hemp flower grown on our organic farm deep in the sun-kissed mountains of North Carolina. We then blend a heat-activated extraction (full spectrum) to a raw cold extraction to produce a tincture that contains EVERY beneficial nutrient that the hemp plant has to offer. 

The Kingdom Harvest promise: Our hemp is organically grown, naturally processed, and starts from non-GMO seeds. Our farm NEVER uses herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers. All Natural means ALL NATURAL 🌿CBD 20mg/ml CBD 600mg per bottle 

Flavor: Peppermint
Size: 600mg/30mL bottle
THC: <.3 (less than)

Suggested Use

  • We recommend a serving of 0.25 ml, twice daily, taken under the tongue, and held for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. We provide a graduated dropper so you can accurately measure your serving. We advise all of our customers to “Start low and go SLO” with our sublingual oil (SLO).
  • Depending on your physiology, you may desire to increase the frequency of your servings to suit your own personal needs. We recommend starting with the suggested serving twice a day for one week prior to making adjustments. Increase your servings by one additional serving per day, allowing one additional week to note any change in effect. If after increasing your serving frequency, you find that still need more, increase your serving size as well. We suggest doing so in 0.25 ml increments.  Pay attention to your body and how it responds to the Kingdom Harvest product and let those observations be your guide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Continues to be the best oil I’ve used

Thanks a lot for a quality product that works!

Joyce D'Arconte
Pain control

It took a few days before I started to notice any difference in my pain or sleep. But in the past few days I realize I have been sleeping better and the pain in my arms and hip is disappearing. I have a lot more energy during the day because I am sleeping better at night. Thank you

Claire Collins
Kingdom Harvest Maximum Strength Natural 1500mg

This CBD oil has helped me so much with my back pain so I am sleeping better.
Love this product!
C Collins

Allergies, Aches and More

Originally purchased with hopes of finding pain relief. After doing some research I found that cbd can also help allergies and breathing troubles. I suffer from extreme allergies that make me want to scratch my eyes out, itchy all over and causes wheezing. I was using off brand Benadryl almost daily. Now I use Kingdom Harvest .25 from the dropper and it provides relief faster and for a longer time than taking a pill. I have also found this product helpful to ease muscle spasms. There are so many things I haven't used it for yet, but with the results I've seen already, the quality has proven itself true. Thank you Kingdom Harvest!

Sally Tucker
Great product!!!

The kingdom harvest CBD oil has really helped the pain in my knees. I am using the lowest dose and it’s helping a lot. Thank you so much!

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